Frequently Asked Questions from current and prospective members

I joined part way through the year.
Am I eligible for pro-rated CESP requirements?


The exception to the annual CESP requirements is for new members who, at the end of their first membership year, have a pro-rated requirement depending on the start date of membership.

Pro-rated CESP requirements are as follows:

  • New membership starts in Quarter 1 (Jan – Mar) – 15 credits required
  • New membership starts in Quarter 2 (Apr – Jun) – 10 credits required
  • New membership starts in Quarter 3 (Jul – Sep) – 5 credits required
  • New membership starts in Quarter 4 (Oct – Nov) – 0 credits required

This is not done automatically

You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Go to the My CE credits page. (This link will not work if you are not logged in or a member)
  2. Click the yellow add a credit button. (A pop up window will appear)
  3. Under categories select "CE credit waive" from the drop down menu.
  4. Under activities, select the appropriate date range.
  5. Select today's date as the completion date.
  6. In notes: Say "Joined in ______ (Month)"
  7. Check the box and submit the credit.

Click here for more information on our continuing educations standards program.

For applicants who began their application in 2018 but are joining in 2019,

please use the "first year of membership CE waive".

I have finished renewing my membership/ recently became a member. Where is my membership certificate?

Your certificate will always be available online at the BCAK website.

You can follow this link to our certificate generator.

Pages or content on this website does not load in properly.
What can be done to fix this problem?

Some of the functionality (including: Find a kin, Online membership renewal, E-commerce and CE credit entry) does not work with out of date browsers.

Please update your browsers to the versions shown below or contact your clinical administration:

  • Chrome 70.
  • Safari 12.
  • Edge 18.
  • Firefox 63
  • Internet Explorer 11. (Does not work as well as other browsers)

Click here to see if your browser is up to date.

If this does not fix the problem please try a different browser and/or a different device.

How do I apply for practicing membership?

Applying for membership can be a complicated process depending on a number of different factors.

Click here for information on the different types of membership.

Click here for information on the general requirements of our applicants.

Click here for information about the pathways to membership and how they impact the requirements of your application.

Click here once you are ready to begin your application.

I would like to switch to my membership type.

The office is involved in all cases where membership type is switched for insurance and membership limitation reasons.

(Practicing --> Non-Practicing)

  1. Please review our membership types to verify that you do wish to change to non-practicing.
  2. Call or e-mail the office to make this change. Please inform office staff as to why you are making this change and how long you expect this change to last.

Please keep in mind that Practicing membership type can only be changed during the December 1st -31st renewal period.

(Academic --> Practicing)

  1. Review the information for applicants and the pathways to practicing membership pages to see what the requirements are for membership.
  2. Applicants with a valid academic membership at the time of practicing membership application will have the application fee waived.
  3. You must create a new account with a valid email address and submit an application for practicing membership. DO NOT PAY THE APPLICATION FEE
    (E-mail addresses can be switched if you prefer the e-mail associated with your academic account)
  4. Once the application is finished, contact the office to ensure the application fee is waived and your membership application is submitted.

I don't see myself on the find a kin page. How do I update my information?

  1. Ensure that you have consented to have your information shared on find a kin.
  2. Follow this link to your online profile.