Membership Fee Schedule

Membership Fee Schedule

Annual Fees by Membership Type

  • Practicing - January 1 to December 31 - $300 plus GST
  • Non-Practicing - January 1 to December 31 - $175 plus GST
  • Academic, incl Students - January 1 to December 31 - $25 plus GST
  • Associate/ Corporate - January 1 to December 31 - $175 plus GST

Please note: The membership fees listed above do not include insurance fees, CKA dues, or any application processing, late renewal or reinstatement fees that may be applicable. All membership fees paid to the Association are non-refundable. Memberships expire on December 31 of each year and mid-term refunds are not available.

Joining BCAK as a Practicing Member during the Year?

New Practicing Member dues may be pro-rated based on the month in which you join.

Pro-rate fees

  • Join between January and March = $300 plus GST
  • Join between April and June = $250 plus GST
  • Join between July and September = $200 plus GST
  • Join between October and November = $150 plus GST

*Applicants joining in December will receive a 13-month membership, valid until December 31 of the following year and will be subject to the full annual dues.

Please note: The pro-rated membership fees listed above do not include insurance fees, CKA dues or any application processing fees and do not apply to late renewals or reinstatement of membership as may be applicable.

Membership Renewal

Annual membership renewal occurs during the month of December and is completed on-line through your member account.

Practicing members must meet the annual Continuing Education Standards Program (CESP) requirements (see the CESP credits table) to proceed with membership renewal. We encourage you to update the CESP credits as they are earned throughout the year by logging into your member account.

Additional Fees

  • Late Renewal Fee: An additional $50 plus GST late renewal fee will apply to those who renew after the December 31st deadline (between January 1st and January 31st).
  • Reinstatement Fee: After January 31 (and within 10 years of membership lapse), you will be required to complete a reinstatement process and pay an additional $100 plus GST reinstatement fee, or alternately you must re-apply for membership.

The late fee is in place to encourage members to maintain continuity of membership and Professional Liability (E&O) insurance coverage, as a lapse in insurance coverage could expose (you) the member to an uninsured loss/claim.

Application Processing Fees

If you are a new applicant (or the allowable reinstatement period has expired) you will be required to pay an Application Processing Fee.

New Applicant Processing Fee (plus GST)

  • If you graduated from an approved program $50.00 + GST
  • If you did not graduate from an approved program $100.00 + GST


  • $100.00 + GST


  1. Student members who apply for and are accepted for Practicing membership upon graduation will have the academic-student membership fee credited towards their Practicing Membership fee. which is equivalent to waiving all or part of the application fee.
  2. Reinstatement fees are applicable for those returning within 10 years after having cancelled or allowing their membership to lapse (non-renewal). All others must apply as new applicants.

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