Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer Wilson

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Chronic Pain, Injury Rehabilitation/Exercise Therapy, Telehealth (Virtual Healthcare)

Born and raised in Vernon BC, Jen moved down to Burnaby to attend Simon Fraser University in 2003 and after graduating, worked for an Occupational Therapy company for 11 years. She has come back to her homeland and could not be happier to be home!
Jen’s favourite part of her job as a kinesiologist is all the amazing people she gets to work with; each client teaching her something different and providing new learning experiences.
Jen has always had a love for soccer and volleyball, so it is no surprise she fits perfectly into this profession, experiencing firsthand the benefits of exercise and activity not only for physical health, but for emotional and mental wellbeing too! When she is not at work, she loves spending time with her boyfriend and their two dogs .

BCAK- practicing member
BSc Kin (SFU)
Certificate in Health and Fitness Studies (SFU)

Areas of Practice:
Job Sit Visits and Job Demands Analysis
Gym-Based Exercise Programs
Community Integration Programs
Post-Concussion Exercise Programs
Complex TBI and orthopedic rehabilitation
Lifeskills & Return to Homemaking Programs
Walking programs

Meridian Rehab

3007 28th Ave, Vernon, BC, V1T 1W2, Canada

Telehealth available

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