Allison Zipursky

Allison Zipursky

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Active Health and Fitness, Injury Rehabilitation/Exercise Therapy, Senior Activity Support

Alli completed her Bachelor’s of Kinesiology at The University of British Columbia. Now as a BCAK Registered Kinesiologist, Alli strives to intertwine her passions of healthy living and rehabilitation, all while helping clients get back to doing what they love. Growing up as a gymnast and coach, Alli appreciates the foundations of movement and form that her own training in gymnastics and coaching experience has taught her. Alli uses her experience as an athlete and knowledge of the human body to empower her clients to better connect with their movement, optimize function and alignment, and lastly, gain confidence and strength. With special interests in both post-concussion care and senior’s preventative health, Alli has additional training in concussion rehabilitation and neuromuscular training for osteoarthritis. When she’s not in the clinic, you can find her on a yoga mat or spin bike, exploring the west coast with friends, or on the search for the next best flat white. She is a lover of the outdoors and will often spend her winters on the mountain, and summers on the ocean!

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