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Hello! My name is Nate Allison and I am passionate about human movement, rehab, and performance. Learning is a constant for me. I value and desire new and useful information very highly, and I do not expect this to ever change. I have a background in U-Sports Basketball as a player for 3 years, as well as 2 years of experience working in Strength and Conditioning with Trinity Western University athletics. I practice and pursue a high level of personal fitness and health, and I am always looking for new ways to push myself and recover more efficiently. Through all of this learning I feel that I have a source of knowledge which can benefit many people, and I want to share it! I want to learn how to help people from all backgrounds achieve their health, recovery, or improvement goals. The best form of investment is one in your health!

Pro Motion Physiotherapy

32555 Simon Ave #10, Abbotsford, BC, V2T 4Y2, Canada

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