Pathway 1 (Approved Programs)

Pathway for those who have graduated from an approved program within Canada

Academic Education: Graduation from one of the Approved Degree Programs. Degree programs are added as they are approved, so please check the drop down menus in the application for the most up to date list.


  1. Have Official transcripts mailed directly by the Educational Institution to:
    BC Association of Kinesiologists
    PO Box 64777 Sunwood Square Post Office
    Coquitlam, BC V3B 6S0

    or sent by email to:, or faxed to: (604) 229-8178
  2. Submit a Criminal Record Review (Criminal Record Check) See: How to Obtain a Criminal Record Review for more details
  3. Have completed your degree within two (2) years of applying for membership, or provide evidence of ongoing continuing education, in accordance with the BCAK's Continuing Education Standards Program (CESP). M.Sc of PhD Kinesiology degree graduates use the date of last degree completion.
  4. Agree to abide by the BCAK's:

Delayed Application (for those applying more than 5 years* after graduation)

  • Applicants who apply more than 5 years after graduation must also submit:
    • proof of a minimum of 100 hours of continuing education completed within the immediate 5 year period related to the field in which they practice or intend to practice.
  • A letter of intent detailing;
    • The reasons for seeking membership with BCAK and why it is important to them.
    • Evidence of relevant work and/or volunteer experience related to the field of kinesiology.
    • The area(s) (see: Areas of Practice) which you intend to practice, which may include explaining subjectively how you meet the scope of practice, including coursework and experience.
  • Two professional reference letters from persons known by the applicant for more than 1 year, who can attest to the applicant's professional acumen, clinical knowledge and interpersonal skills.

* applicants applying more than 10 years after graduation from their degree program may also be required to demonstrate their retention of theoretical knowledge by passing the BCAK's Core Course Composite exam, covering the content of the core course exam materials.

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