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Professional Membership in the BC Association of Kinesiologists is recognized and valued by healthcare professionals, industry and government organizations, along with educational institutions. Membership for "academic" professionals (including students) along with "corporate" businesses to stay informed on what is happening in the industry and receive discounts for course and employment advertising are also available.

We encourage you to read more about the various membership options available below. Once you've determined which membership fits your needs and you qualify for, check out the full list of member benefits and the application requirements. How to Apply for Membership

Practicing (Professional)

A Practicing Member is a person who:

  1. has received a four-year degree in kinesiology from a post-secondary educational institution in Canada where the degree and institution meet the standard set by the Board, or
  2. has educational qualifications deemed by the Board to be equivalent to a four-year degree in kinesiology from a post-secondary education institution in Canada, and
  3. is employed and/or practices in British Columbia as a kinesiologist, or who wishes to become so employed or practicing, and
  4. meets the continuing education requirements set by the Board, and
  5. is of good moral character.

Non-Practicing (Professionally Qualified but currently not Practicing)

A Non-Practicing Member is a person who*:

  1. is not employed or engaged in the practice of kinesiology in British Columbia, who was formerly a Practicing Member, or a person who meets the requirements of Practicing Membership and currently does not practice,
  2. Has no intention of practicing for the duration of the year, and
  3. is of good moral character.

*Non-practicing membership is not for applicants who are looking for work and have yet to find a job. This category is for extended leaves from the profession and for individuals who have assumed a management role and are no longer directly involved in client care or treatment decision making.


An Academic Member is a person who:

  1. is enrolled in a course of studies leading to a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree in kinesiology from a post-secondary educational institution in Canada that is recognized by the Board, or
  2. is, or was, employed as a professor, instructor, or member of the faculty of a post-secondary educational institution in Canada that is recognized by the Board, in a faculty or department which offers courses in kinesiology, human kinetics, and related subjects, and
  3. is of good moral character.


A Corporate Member is a corporation, association, organization, or individual that

  1. operates in the kinesiology industry
  2. supports the purposes of the Society and
  3. demonstrates good moral character.

** Membership category (type) can only be changed at renewal (January 1st) or as a result of an extended leave of absence for medical and or maternal/paternal reasons.

Renewing Membership

Annual membership renewal occurs during the month of December and is completed on-line through your member account.

Practicing Members

  • must meet the annual Continuing Education Standards Program (CESP) requirements (see the CESP credits table) prior to completing membership renewal and are encouraged to record their CESP credits as they are earned.

Additional Fees

  • Members who do not renew their membership by the December 31st deadline are subject to either a late renewal fee or a reinstatement fee depending on when the renewal process is completed. The purpose of the additional fees is to encourage members to maintain continuity of membership and Professional Liability (E&O) insurance coverage, as a lapse in insurance coverage could expose (you) the member to an uninsured loss/claim, which has detrimental effects on both yourself and your clients.

See the Fee Schedule for full details on membership and other fees.

Non-Practicing, Academic and Corporate Members

  • There are no continuing education requirements and no short rating of the membership fees.

See the Fee Schedule for details on membership fees.

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