Transferring to/from Another Canadian Provincial Association

Information on the Professional Membership requirements for Canadian Inter-provincial Transfers

Transferring Professional Membership into BC

CKA affiliates and Ontario COKO/OKA

The BCAK will accept a “transfer” of professional membership from another recognized provincial or territorial kinesiology association “PKA” affiliated with the CKA to the BCAK for "Practicing" membership if the equivalent professional membership is verified by the other organization prior to transfer.

Transferring from the following associations is possible

  • Alberta Kinesiology Association (AKA)
  • Federation des kinesiologues du Quebec (FKQ)
  • Ontario Kinesiology Association (OKA)
  • Canadian Kinesiology Aliance (CKA) from;
    • New Brunswick Kinesiology Association (NBKA)
    • Manitoba Kinesiology Association (MKA)
    • Kinesiology Association of Nova Scotia (KANS)
    • Newfoundland and Labrador Kinesiology Association (NLKA)
    • Kinesiology Prince-Edward-Island.

If your association or professional organization is not listed above, then you must apply for membership through the regular pathways.

Requirements for Transfer in

Under the transfer process applicants are exempt from the application fee provided their PKA and college (in the case of the COKO) can provide all the required support documentation. The applicant is subject to the normal pro-rated fee schedule for new applicants. The applicant must arrange for their PKA to provide;

  1. Copies of any degree certificate(s) supporting their membership,
  2. Copies of any official transcripts supporting their membership,
  3. Proof of current active membership in the other PKA that is equivalent to a BCAK practicing membership,
  4. A copy of a valid criminal record check* for vulnerable children and adults from the province they are transferring from, and
  5. Details on any continuing education completed for the previous and current calendar years.

*Applicants for transfer must also obtain a valid criminal record clearance letter from the CRRP. Instructions on how to do so can be found here.

After all documents have been received and verified, a course review will take place to determine that the transferring applicant meets all the grade and course requirements for membership with the BCAK. If the transferring applicant does not meet the academic standards set by the board in this preliminary review, then a final review will be conducted by the membership committee and a recommendation to approve or conditionally approved will be provided to the transferring applicant.

At the discretion of the membership committee, a transfer may be declined if an applicant or PKA can not provide all the required documents. If a transfer is declined, the applicant has the option of proceeding with a regular application (necessitating the collection of the application fee) or appealing to the board.

Transferring out of BC

BCAK Practicing members may transfer membership to another PKA and receive a partial refund of their membership dues following the receipt by the BCAK office of;

  • Confirmation from the transferring PKA that membership has been taken out, and
  • Verification they have permanently moved outside of the province of BC. (requires mail with address and the transferring members name on it).

Please contact the office prior to initiating a transfer. Please be aware that transferring to any other PKA will require you to meet that PKA's relevant transfer policies, professional & academic standards and any additional requirements (up to and including passing an entry to practice or licensing exam).

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