Continuing Education Standards Program at Member Renewal Time

30 September 2020

Member Renewal starts November 15th, 2020 (earlier this year)

Here's information on logging your requisite number of continuing education credits (this must be done prior to renewing your membership)

Continuing Education Standards Program and CE Credits (CECs)

  • Reminder for all Practicing Members - you must log the requisite amount of continuing education credits (CECs) prior to renewing your membership.
  • For most of you that will be 20 CECs, but for newer practicing members, please refer to the pro-rated continuing education requirements (on page 2 of the link for CESP PDF). New members who joined in 2020 must apply a pro-rated credit supplement to reduce the total amount of credits required for 2020. For more information on applying the credit supplement, please review the applicant FAQ page (Question #9).

Access to Professional Development Courses/Seminars

BCAK recognizes that during the COVID-19 pandemic access to in-person professional development courses has been significantly reduced.

To compensate for this loss of in-person coursework, BCAK has ensured that offerings for low and no-cost (free) webinars on telehealth, infection prevention and control, and mental health (through SafeCare BC) have been made available to members - these courses can be claimed under Category 1-c.

Please review BCAK's CESP Credit Categories Table to see whether or not your professional development fits in one of the available credit categories.

Additional low and no-cost opportunities remain available:

Many opportunities remain for Practicing Members to easily achieve required credits for the year. A reminder to those who attended the AGM – 5 credits have been automatically applied to your account and are awaiting your online confirmation. Instructions on how to confirm a credit can be found on the applicant FAQ (Question #8).

Please check your online account before renewal (and update it) to ensure that you have the required credits (note: you must be logged in as a member to access this page).

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