ICBC and Kinesiologists - Upcoming Changes

04 December 2018

ICBC's Client Treatment and Kinesiology

Things are changing at ICBC regarding their auto-insurance care benefits. ICBC will be communicating directly with us at BCAK and we want to keep you in the loop!

We sent members a series updates via email in November, as ICBC notified us of the changes they are making. Please read emails we sent to you on November 13th and 26th to learn more about:

  • Increased Care Benefits
  • Business Partners Page Upgrades
  • Resources to Support You
  • Changes to the Insurance (Vehicle) Act, and how it affects you

You can visit ICBC's website to view changes to insurance here

As we receive more information for members, clients and health care professionals - we'll post either on the News pages or on the member events pages.

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