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Job Postings

Are you looking to hire a qualified practicing Kinesiologist? Advertise your position with the BCAK and reach kinesiologists who meet and support the professional standards of the BCAK.

Postings are displayed for 30 days unless an earlier deadline is specified. You may also have your job posting emailed directly to our members for an additional fee (see the combined eblast cost in the fee schedule below)

Fee Schedule for Job Postings

Job Board Only

  • Member $100 plus GST
  • Non-Member $125 plus GST

Job Board + eblast to our Member list

  • Member $175 plus GST
  • Non-Member $200 plus GST

Please note: Ads can take up to one (1) business day to show on the website and eblasts can take up to two (2) business days to be distributed to our members.

Who Views Your Job Posting?

  • The Job Postings page reaches a highly targeted audience – BCAK members only
  • The BCAK job postings page is the most visited page on the website besides the home (landing) page
  • On average, people will visit the Job Postings page on the BCAK website at least twice per month
  • Roughly 80%-90% of BCAK members visit this page at least once a month

Notice: The BCAK follows the Canadian Human Rights Commission legislation on Equal Employment Opportunities, along with the Province of BC's Human Rights Protection laws (fact sheet) laws, and reserves the right to refuse any employment offering and associated payment which does not meet the requirements of either the federal or provincial legislation. In the unlikely event your posting is declined, you will be notified and provided the opportunity to meet legislated requirements or your payment will be refunded.

Purchase an Event Posting

Event Posting

Promote your event to BCAK members through our online events calendar.

Members are often looking for ways to earn continuing education credits and advance their skill and knowledge. The BCAK website provides an effective way to reach your audience.

Fee Schedule for Event Postings

Events, Courses, Seminars or Workshops (Single or Multi-day)

  • Member - $25.00 plus GST
  • Non-Member - $50.00 plus GST

Please note: Event postings can take up to one (1) business day to show on the website.

Additional Details

  • Charitable events - Events which are free to attend can be promoted on the calendar free of charge (contact the office for further details)

  • Course approval - The BCAK does not pre-approve courses or their content for its Continuing Education Standards Program (CESP). All courses which contain relevant content to recognized areas of practice are accepted for credit under the CESP program.

  • Course Content Disclaimer - The BCAK assumes no liability to course advertisers for postings which offer content that is not within the scope of practice of kinesiology as defined by the BCAK. The BCAK encourages course promoters and members to refer to the Scope of Practice, Reserved Acts and Delegation (including member guidelines) page to determine the appropriateness of any continuing education course.

Purchase an eBlast

eBlast Advertising

Are you interested in having your event or job posting emailed directly to our members?

Share your event advertisement with BCAK members directly through a targeted eblast campaign.

Eblasts are sent via our electronic mailing system on a standardized BCAK template identifiable to members. You can choose to send the same message up to three times or send up to three different messages.

Fee Schedule for eBlasts

Same Message Content

  • Single notice - member - $125 plus GST
  • Repeated once - member - $175 plus GST
  • Repeated twice - member - $200 plus GST
  • Single notice - non-member - $150 plus GST
  • Repeated once - non-member $200 plus GST
  • Repeated twice - non-member $225 plus GST

Variable Message Content

  • Single notice - member - $125 plus GST
  • Two messages - member - $250 plus GST
  • Three messages - member - $350 plus GST
  • single notice - non-member - $150 plus GST
  • Two messages - non-member $275 plus GST
  • Three messages - non-member $375 plus GST

Please note: To receive the above bulk pricing, all content for each of the notice variations must be received at the same time. All eblasts (notices) will be input to our mail system and scheduled to be delivered according to the dates you provide (a minimum of 2 business day from date submitted). Any changes after final approval will be charged at the single notice rate.

The BCAK reserves the right to decline any advertisement or method of payment.

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