Membership Fee Schedule

2021/2022 Membership Due and Fee changes.

Below is a list of fee changes and the dates that they go into affect. Please note that there are no increases to the annual or prorated membership dues for new and returning members, but late and reinstatement fees have been increased.

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The annual membership period is January 1st through December 31st of each calendar year.

Annual Membership Fees

Practicing Member ------------------ *$300 plus GST

Non-Practicing Member ------------ $175 plus GST

Academic (incl. Student) ------------ $25 plus GST

Corporate ------------------------------- $175 plus GST

* All membership fees paid to the BCAK are non-refundable and mid-term refunds are not available.

* The membership fee listed above is for the BCAK only and does not include;

  • application processing, late renewal or reinstatement fees,
  • any insurance premiums,
  • Canadian Kinesiology Alliance "CKA" (national kinesiology association) dues, collected during the insurance purchase process through the group insurance provider
  • Early Renewal discount (10% savings before tax for renewing between November 15th and December 15th, effective November 15th, 2021)

If you are approved for BCAK membership under external insurance (non CKA/BCAK group program) you have the option of purchasing CKA membership directly through the CKA, but will need to provide the CKA with a copy of your current membership purchase receipt to do this.

More information on the cost's and benefits of CKA membership can be found here.

Are you joining BCAK as a new Practicing Member part way through the Year?

Membership dues for new Practicing Members are adjusted (reduced) based on the month in which you complete your membership purchase.

Prorated Fee Table

  • Q-1, January to March -------------- $300 plus GST (full fee applies)
  • Q-2, April to June --------------------- $250 plus GST ($50 reduction)
  • Q-3, July to September-------------- $200 plus GST ($100 reduction)
  • Q-4, **October to November 15th ----- $150 plus GST ($150 reduction)

** Applicants who complete their membership purchase (or reinstatement) during the second half of November will receive a 13 and 1/2 -month membership, valid until December 31 of the year following and will be subject to the full annual dues.

Current BCAK Academic (Student) members who apply for and are accepted for Practicing membership will have the academic-student membership fee credited towards their Practicing Membership application fee for the current calendar year.

Additional Application Fees and Terms

Practicing/Non-Practicing Membership Application Processing Fee

Practicing/Non-Practicing Membership applicants are subject to a processing fee of $75.00 + GST, paid in advance.

Applications remain active for one year from the date of application fee payment. If Practicing membership is approved, membership must be activated within 90 days of the application approval date unless a written extension request is received and approved by the BCAK prior to the activation deadline.

Failure to comply with the following terms:

  1. complete the application process within 365 days (one year),
  2. contact the office in writing within 365 days (one year) of application approval to request an application extension or request approval of alternate arrangements,
  3. activate membership within 90 days of application approval.

Will result in the termination of your application for practicing membership. Documentation received from applicants whose applications are closed will be retained/destroyed in accordance with PIPA-BC requirements and the BCAK's Privacy Policy.

Practicing Membership Late Renewal and Reinstatement Fees

Practicing members wanting to renew/restart membership after December 31st of the previous year are subject to either:

  1. A late renewal fee of $50 + GST (Changing to $100 + GST effective January 1st, 2022), for all renewals completed between January 1st and 31st of the following year, or
  2. A reinstatement fee of $100 + GST (Changing to $200 + GST effective February 1st, 2022) if membership is not renewed during the late renewal period (greater than 31 days following the date which you were last a Practicing member in good standing).

The purpose for the "late and reinstatement fees" is to encourage members who continue to practice or intend to continue to practice to maintain continuity of membership and Professional Liability insurance coverage. A lapse in membership status and/or insurance coverage exposes a kinesiologist to potential uninsured losses/claims made after their membership and/or insurance coverage has expired.

Practicing/Non-Practicing Members may request reinstatement up to 3 years (36 months) from when they were last a member in good standing.

Click here for more information about the reinstatement policy.

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