Applying for Membership

General Information on Membership Types and the Application Process

Steps to Apply to the BCAK

1) Start by creating a user account.

2) Select the membership type that meets your needs and assess if you are eligible to apply.

3) Review the membership requirements you must meet and determine the support documents required.

4) Review the application steps, membership oath, as well as the estimated task/processing timelines.

5) Begin the application process.

STEP 1: Create a user account

Applying for membership begins by creating a user account through the website. Ensure the information you provided is accurate, as it will be used to contact you and verify your identity should you have questions. Once a user account is created, follow the links on the welcome page to begin your application.

Tips for creating a user account

  • Enter your legal name, as it appears on your government identification or transcripts as it will need to match the support documents you submit for your application. There is a space to provide a preferred name if you use something other than your legal name. (Do not capitalize every letter in your name).
  • Ensure all contact information is entered, kept up to date and accurate. Mismatched or incorrect information can result in processing delays and longer response times.
  • All contact information can be updated at any point through your user account on the website. Simply select Edit Info under the My Account tab.
  • Use a personal email address that you check regularly and is not owned by your employer or a Post-Secondary institution you attended for schooling. It is important for you to have access to the email account you use as this is the primary means of contact between you and the BCAK.
  • A small number of Microsoft Outlook users report delays in receiving auto generated (password reset and other) emails from the BCAK. The BCAK's system successfully sends these email, however Microsoft's system often filters, delays, flags or blocks autogenerated messages as spam. If possible, we encourage new users to avoid creating a new user account under one of the following domains. While we do not endorse any email provider, we have found that Google gmail account holders do not appear to experience issues.

Click here to CREATE a user account

STEP 2: Select a Membership Type and Determine Eligibility

Each membership type has specific requirements which must be satisfied for the application to be considered for approval. Confirm the category from the information below and then follow the link further down the page corresponding to your situation.

Practicing Membership

Is for qualified professionals who work directly with clients in clinical, gym and other client-based settings.

(Professional Liability Insurance is required)


A Practicing Member is a person who

  1. has received a four-year degree in kinesiology from a post-secondary educational institution in Canada where the degree and institution meet the standard set by the BCAK Board, or
  2. has educational qualifications deemed by the BCAK Board to be equivalent to a four-year degree in kinesiology from a post-secondary education institution in Canada, and
  3. is employed or practices in British Columbia as a kinesiologist, or who wishes to become so employed or practicing,
  4. is of good moral character, and
  5. meets the continuing education requirements set by the BCAK Board of Directors.

Tip - Practicing Membership is for qualified persons who work or are looking for work as professional kinesiologists.

Academic Membership

Is for students who are enrolled full time in a recognized Kinesiology undergraduate or graduate degree program and post-secondary faculty and staff who work in a Kinesiology department.


An Academic Member is a person who

  1. is enrolled in a course of studies leading to a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree in kinesiology from a post-secondary educational institution in Canada that is recognized by the Board, or
  2. is, or was, employed as a professor, instructor, or member of the faculty of a post-secondary educational institution in Canada that is recognized by the Board, in a faculty or department which offers courses in kinesiology, human kinetics, and related subjects, and
  3. is of good moral character

Tip - Academic membership is best suited to students in their final semester, as it provides access to job postings and other benefits as well as a credit of the Academic membership fee towards the Practicing membership application fee.

Non-Practicing Membership

Is for qualified professionals who work in management or other roles which do not involve direct client care.

(Professional Liability Insurance is not required and access to group coverage is not provided)


A Non-Practicing Member is a person who

  1. has received a four-year degree in kinesiology from a post-secondary educational institution in Canada where the degree and institution meet the standard set by the Board, or
  2. has educational qualifications deemed by the Board to be equivalent to a four-year degree in kinesiology from a post-secondary education institution in Canada,
  3. is not employed or engaged in the practice of kinesiology in British Columbia and who was formerly a Practicing Member, or a person who meets requirements (1) and (2), but does not wish to become a Practicing Member, and
  4. is of good moral character

Tip - Non-practicing membership is limited to persons who work in management roles and are not directly involved in client care or clinical treatment decision making. The application requirements for membership are the same as those for Practicing Membership.

Corporate Membership

Is for corporations or organizations who support the industry and wish to stay informed on the profession.

Criteria & Support Docuementation

A Corporate Member is a corporation, association, or organization which

  1. supports the purposes of the Society, and
  2. operates in the kinesiology industry

Support Documentation

Proof the applicant operates in the kinesiology industry.

The following must be uploaded directly to your application in the space provided

  • Business Registration/Legal Entity number
  • WorkSafeBC account number
  • Scanned copy of your corporate business card
  • A Copy of your Corporate Municipal Business License (in the name of the corporation)

Tip - Corporate membership is best suited for organizations which provide kinesiology services, hire Kinesiologists, and support the Association's purposes.

STEP 3: Determine Support Document Requirements (Practicing/Non-Practicing and Academic Membership)

Practicing and Non-Practicing membership have multiple requirements. If you are currently an Academic member who will be graduating or has graduated and want to become a Practicing member, a new and separate application process must be completed. Below are the most common situations those seeking membership fall into, when looking to apply. Please ensure to read steps 4 and 5 before submitting your application (step 6).

Please click on the read more button to review the requirements which best fit your situation

STEP 4: Understand the Application Process and Timelines

Once you have created a user account on the website, you will be able to create and submit an application.

A minimum 4-year Bachelor's degree in kinesiology is required for Practicing (professional) membership. 2 and 3 year undergraduate degree programs do not qualify for membership.

Normal Processing times are as follows

  • Submitting your application should only take a few minutes, however all applicants should spend an hour or so reading through the membership requirements and support documents.

NOTE 1: Not all of the documents listed are required for every membership type and/or pathway.

NOTE 2: All processing times are estimates. Actual processing time may vary.

  • Scanned Degree certificate (diploma) & Course descriptions should be included in your submitted application - >1 hour
  • Requesting official transcripts from the institution
      • By mail - 7 to 10 business days
      • By email or Fax - 1 to 3 business day.
  • Requesting a criminal record check through the criminal records review program.
      • Online - 5 to 15 business days after payment
      • Manually - ~30 business days after payment
  • ICES comprehensive evaluations OR WES Course-by-Course + ICAP evaluations - 7 Weeks AFTER all required documents have been submitted
  • English Language Exams - 1-2 months DEPENDING on preparation time
  • BCAK Core Course Composite exam - ~2 weeks or more DEPENDING on preparation time

AFTER all supporting documents have been received by the office, your application will enter the review phase

  • The time required for this review varies depending on where you were educated and how long ago your education was completed.
    • Graduated from a recognized kinesiology program in Canada within the last 2 years - ~ 30 business days
    • Graduated from any other kinesiology related program within the last 2 years ~ 60 days
    • Any Applicant who graduated >2 , but under 20 years from a kinesiology program in Canada ~ 60 days
    • Any applicant who graduated from a program completed outside of Canada -~ 60-90 days

Once your review is completed, the membership committee will provide a decision on your application.

  • If your application is approved, you will have 3 months to activate your membership without needing to contact the office. After 3 months, you will be required to meet continuing education requirements and may be required to reapply.
  • If your application is not approved, you will be informed what requirements have not been satisfied and provided general information towards achieving the outstanding requirements. You will have one year from the date you receive notice of application review to meet the additional requirements set out, after this time you will be required to meet any new requirements implemented since you first applied.
    • If you are missing an Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics or Motor Control core requirement, you can complete the course(s) at an approved BC educational institution (scoring a C- or better) or challenge and pass (65% score or greater) a BCAK course equivalency exam(s) in the missing core subject(s).
    • If you are missing an Exercise Prescription, Exercise Physiology and Research Methods core requirement, you must complete the course(s) at an approved BC educational institution (scoring a C- or better).
    • If you are less than 5 elective courses short of the requirement, you can complete the required courses at an approved educational institution (A maximum of 2 D grades can be accepted across all elective courses, no additional D grades will be accepted), or optionally, up to 2 approved certifications may be applied by providing proof of completion to the BCAK.
  • If the BCAK determines that the number or requirements you are lacking is extensive and could not reasonably be completed within 1 year, your application will be declined and you will be provided with a list of the missing requirements. You may reapply after 1 year and will have to meet the requirements in effect at the time of your reapplication. No equivalency exams or course substitutions will be accepted in these circumstances.
STEP 5: Review the Professional Guiding Documents

Practicing and Non-Practicing Member Guiding Documents

The documents linked below detail the standards and requirements of obtaining and continuing as a Practicing Member of the BCAK. Please read these documents carefully to ensure you understand the requirements you must abide by. Members who breach these standards/requirements can be suspended or expelled from the BCAK in accordance with the society's bylaws. If you have questions on the terminology or requirements please contact the BCAK office for clarification.

Academic and Corporate Member Guiding Documents

Maintaining/Renewing/Reinstating Membership


Members must abide by the applicable guiding documents to maintain membership, including acting with good moral character in both their professional and personal life.


The normal membership renewal period runs from November 15th to December 31st each year for the subsequent year.

Renewal Requirements

  • Practicing Members must:
  • Academic-Student Members must resubmit annual proof they are enrolled in full time classes leading to a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree in kinesiology from a post-secondary educational institution in Canada that is recognized by the Board. Supporting documentation (proof) must be emailed to the BCAK office prior to December 31st, with the subject line Renewing Current Academic Membership.

Annual membership dues are due by the deadline (December 31st) in order for your membership to remain in good standing. Only upon payment, will membership be in-good-standing.


  • Practicing and Non-Practicing Members looking to reinstate membership must request reinstatement with 3-years of last being a member-in-good-standing or begin a new application for membership and meet the current entrance requirements.
  • Academic and Corporate Members can simply reapply.

Review the membership fee schedule for more information.

STEP 6: Submit Your Application

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