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The BCAK promotes and raise awareness and understanding of the kinesiology profession

  • The British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists (BCAK) represents its 2000+ members to the people of British Columbia (BC) as valued allied health care service providers.
  • Kinesiologists are "Human Movement Specialists", utilizing evidence-based scientific approaches to improving function in primary, secondary and tertiary prevention and client care environments.
  • Kinesiologists work closely with clients to prevent and treat injury or disease;
    • improve physical performance; guide and manage healthcare treatment;
    • conduct job demands analysis; provide workplace ergonomic and job design solutions;
    • enhance mental health through lifestyle change and implementation of appropriate physical activity and exercise.
  • Kinesiologists work collaboratively with other allied health professionals in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary health care environments, providing rehabilitation and wellness services.
  • Kinesiologists strive to Improve the health of all British Columbians through health promotion, disease and injury prevention through lifestyle counselling and guidance, allowing clients to assume a greater role in their health decisions.

The BCAK focusses its effort on delivering;

  • Industry recognized membership standards (accreditation standards, scope of practice, code of conduct and professional practice standards),
  • Development of a strong brand and identity for BCAK and member Kinesiologists in the province,
  • Marketing, promotion and advocacy of the industry to the public and industry stakeholders,
  • Connecting member Kinesiologists through educational events and social media,
  • Access to comprehensive insurance coverage for the professional kinesiologist,
  • Recognized standards for continuing professional development,
  • Access to career and professional development postings,
  • Providing access to and updates on industry resources and other quality benefits.

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