Kinesiology Telehealth Services

What the Public Needs to Know About Kinesiology Telehealth Services

As we live through challenging times across Canada, and the world, resulting from the impacts of the COVID-19 virus, we want to provide information about the delivery of kinesiology services to the Public, and to Third Party Insurers, about how kinesiologists are adapting to ensure continuity of care for the maintenance of your health and wellness.

BC Association of Kinesiologists (BCAK) practicing members have the necessary tools and resources to adhere to the Federal and Provincial guidelines (including the WorkSafeBC requirements) and including any emergency orders issued to prevent or reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

While Practicing members are currently restricting in-person care, they can provide Telehealth services, when appropriate, for clients to ensure necessary care. Online services, also called Telehealth services, are considered acceptable substitutes for in-person service delivery, provided that the BCAK Kinesiologist follows the scope of Kinesiology practice, code of ethical conduct and professional practice standards as required by the BCAK.

If you are a client of a Kinesiologist, or are a Third-Party Insurer, wishing to assess the viability of Kinesiology Telehealth services, make sure your Kinesiologist:

  • Informs you which Telehealth platform and exercise prescription application they are utilizing to communicate and deliver Telehealth services. It is important that there is a high level of security in both the platform and application. The service delivery method needs to meet the requirements detailed in the various legislated Acts, including the Personal Information Protection Act of BC (PIPA-BC).
  • Presents you with an Informed Consent Form that clearly defines how, why, when, where and what virtual Telehealth services are being provided, how your information is being protected and if sessions are being recorded – and that the Consent Form requires you to read, understand and agree (sign to indicate acceptance of the terms and conditions of consent) to the delivery of those services.
  • Provides you with a copy of their Corporate Privacy Policy which details the security measures utilized in protecting your personal information and privacy.

Your Kinesiologist will need to conduct an appropriate assessment of your current health condition, determine needs, and provide you with a care plan to which you must agree, prior to implementation of any Telehealth treatment – and be aware that not all services can be effectively delivered via Telehealth.

Please note that BCAK Practicing Kinesiologists are required to have professional liability insurance that covers Telehealth services for BC residents.

BCAK members are committed to providing safe services to British Columbians in need of kinesiology care and treatment for their continued health and well being.

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