February 17, 2021 (replaces policy issued June 3, 2019, and January 4, 2019)

This website privacy statement (WPS) is intended to provide transparency on how the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists (BCAK), a society registered in the Province of British Columbia Canada, collects, uses and/or discloses the personal information of members, clients and other users/guests (collectively known as “Users”), who visit and may use our website, including conducting transactions on our website at the following URL/domain name:

Modification of Site: The BCAK may change this WPS, modify or withdraw access to the Site, or content on the Site, at any time, with or without notice. Please refer to the WPS regularly, as any revisions will be posted. The BCAK has indicated above the effective date of the current version of the WPS for your reference.

Access & Consent: By accessing the BCAK Site at (the "Site"), all Users agree to the terms of the website privacy statement (the “Statement”) indicated below. If for some reason you do not agree (consent) with this policy, you are asked to discontinue (cease) your use of the Site immediately.

Safety (use of mobile devices): Do not attempt to access our Site if you are simultaneously performing another activity that requires a high level of attention such as operating a vehicle or other machinery. Use of the Site is distracting and could lead to injury or death of yourself and/or others should you fail to use due diligence. Ensure that you obey the law(s) applicable in your region when it comes to operating any motorized vehicle.

Provision of Services: Our ability to provide services to Users who register with the Site requires that we collect personal information during registration and at other times when services are utilized or requested by you. We implement measures to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of the information you provide are maintained.

Login Password Security: For registered Users, your BCAK username and password allow you to access the secure areas of the site, which provide and store personal and private user &/or member information and/or permit you to make online transactions for memberships and advertisements to members. To keep your account secure, do not share your password with others. Anyone you give your username and login password to could use them to access your account and the information you store with the BCAK. If you’re ever asked for or you consider offering your password to a third party, please think twice and determine whether there might be a safer and more secure way to complete your task or share information, as you assume all liability for any loss or damages when you willfully provide your information to others.

Links to the Site: BCAK does not endorse nor does it accept responsibility or liability for any other website which links to the BCAK site. The BCAK expressly states it does not own, control or otherwise operate any other sites besides and has no control over the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information on any other site. We encourage you to read the privacy notices of any other websites linked to the BCAK to learn how they collect, use or disclose your personal information. Linking to the Site without the express written permission of the BCAK is prohibited

Cookies: From time to time, the BCAK may place information on your computer to allow BCAK to identify you. This information is commonly known as a "cookie" or “cookies”. Knowing how and when Users access or use the Site can provide information that helps the BCAK continue to improve the Site for Users. The use of cookies is an industry standard and many websites use them. If you do not wish to receive cookies, or want to be notified of when they are placed, you may set your internet web browser to notify you and you have the option to decline any “cookies”, if your browser so permits. Please understand, however, that if cookies are turned off, you may be unable to view certain parts of the Site or experience reduced functionality of the Site, detracting from your experience.


“Personal Information” is any factual or subjective personal information, recorded or not, about an identifiable individual. The BCAK does not engage in the practice of selling or trading personal information collected through the association’s website to third parties for promotional or any other purposes without the informed consent of the member or other client user. The BCAK is committed to providing high quality service and we respect the privacy of our registered and other Users.

  • Accountability: The BCAK takes responsibility for personal information in its possession and holds all third parties responsible for personal information that may be transferred to a third party for processing such as information passed on to the BCAK administrative support staff, the CKA/BCAK’s approved group insurance provider for member Professional Liability and Commercial General Liability insurance, the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance (CKA) during membership application, purchase or renewal and purchasers of job postings (including Eblasts) and course advertisements for which payment is required and collected.

The BCAK has designated a Chief Privacy Officer who is accountable for the BCAK’s privacy compliance. Please refer to the Comments and Questions heading below for information on contacting our Chief Privacy Officer.

Identified Purposes:

  1. The BCAK may collect, use and/or disclose personal information about you from time to time if you are a registered User of the Site. For example, the BCAK will collect information about you such as your name, mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address, education, birth date and gender when you register for membership or register to become a Site user with a log-in and password access. Personal information collected by the BCAK is used for one or more of the following purpose(s). Professional (Practicing) members who provide their consent can provide additional professional service and business information for display in they Find-a-Kinesiologist application made publicly available;
  2. To maintain a member personnel file including; educational credentials, CV, proof of professional insurance coverage, educational transcripts along with ICES (foreign credential review) evaluation, TOEFL and CRRP verification submitted by Practicing members or applicants for membership. By submitting educational transcripts, CVs, ICES, TOEFL or CRRP documents, an applicant for membership provides implied consent to the collection, use and retention of the information for the purpose of assessing membership eligibility, maintaining membership and reestablishing future membership with the society for up to 10 years after membership was last active.
  3. To verify your identity; to provide you with information respecting the BCAK’s services, payment for services and to improve the content of our Site and/or our services.
  4. To compile non-identifying (anonymous) information to improve the Site services. This anonymous information (data) is used to formulate aggregate statistics for quality improvement initiatives, for example improving overall performance in different areas of the Site or services. This information includes your Internet protocol (IP) address, your computer’s operating system, your browser type and the address of any referring web sites. This information helps us to better provide serve your needs.


  1. By submitting personal information to the Site, you accept that the BCAK may collect, use, retain and disclose such personal information as described in, and in accordance with this WPS and as permitted or required by law. You may refuse or withdraw your consent to certain aspects of the identified purposes in this WPS by contacting our office in writing or request additional information from the Chief Privacy Officer on the handling of your information. If you decline to provide, or at any time withdraw your consent, either in whole or in part, we may not be able to establish or maintain a relationship with you or provide you with services or information that may be of value to you.
  2. A consent form or “Pop up” will be utilized to explain the purposes for which any personal information is being collected, used or disclosed and identify the parties to whom information will be disclosed (when applicable). You must agree to the informed consent in order for information to be disclosed. If an individual is unable to read or otherwise understand this document, a verbal explanation can be provided by contacting the BCAK office by telephone to assist in such a manner that a person would be reasonably able to understand the consequences of providing consent and how their information will be used or disclosed and can subsequently decide to accept or decline to provide informed consent.

Affiliates, Third Parties and Related Organizations:

  1. By using the Site, you accept that on occasion an external agency affiliated with the BCAK (such as the CKA or member group insurance broker) or a consultant (administrator, executive directory, accountant, lawyer) may have limited access to personal information held by the BCAK. In these circumstances, the BCAK limits access to only that which is reasonably necessary for the agency or consultant to provide services to the BCAK. Any third party agencies or consultants associated with the BCAK are contractually required to follow the BCAK's privacy principles. Consultants under contract are required to sign a "Confidentiality Agreement”.

Limiting Collection, Use & Disclosure:

  1. Personal information will not to be collected indiscriminately. The BCAK is obliged to limit the collection of personal information on the Site to that which is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it is collected. The principle of identifying the purposes for which personal information is collected (see Section 2) is associated with limiting the collection to that which is necessary. Again, the extent and type of personal information will vary depending on the type of service being requested. If the BCAK is compelled by law, court order or other judicial process to disclose any of your personal information to a court, administrative body, government agency or other third party, the BCAK will attempt to give you prior notice using any contact information you may have provided. The BCAK works to ensure EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance for all residents of the european union.


  1. The BCAK will retain personal information only for so long as is necessary to fulfill its stated purposes and meet any legal obligations. As a registered Site User your information will be retained for a minimum period of 10 years following the expiry or lapsing of membership (if you are, or were, a member) and 5 years after your most recent transaction if you are a non-member registered User.


  1. Personal information accessible through the website will be maintained in a form that is as accurate, complete and up-to-date as necessary for the purposes for which it was obtained. A notice for updated information will be made annually through the website for members at the time of membership renewal, other users are responsible maintaining up to date personal or business information. Updating of personal information is the responsibility of the member or registered user and can be completed at any time by logging in to your user account and amending the information or by informing the BCAK office in writing.


  1. BCAK will protect the personal information you provide through the Site using safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. The BCAK uses SSL encryption for monetary transactions, is firewall and antivirus software protected, in addition to restricting internal access through security certificates and complex password protection.

Access, Correction and Complaints:

  1. Site Users wishing to request access to, copies of or corrections to their personal information or having complaints about the way in which their personal information has been handled should contact the BCAK’s “Chief Privacy Officer”. Failing a satisfactory resolution of any concerns, the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia should be contacted for further follow up and to lodge a complaint if the government regulations are not being followed. The BCAK will respond in writing to all formal (written) privacy inquiries within 30 days of receipt.


Any comments or questions about this WPS or the information we have gathered about you may be directed to the BCAK’s Chief Privacy Officer.

BCAK Chief Privacy Officer
Daryl Reynolds
Mailing Address: #301 – 220 Brew Street, Port Moody, BC V3H 0H6
Tel: (604) 601-5100

Email address:

Additional contact information:

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for BC

In Victoria call: (250) 387.5629
In Vancouver call: (604) 660.2421
Elsewhere in BC call: 1800.663.7867

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