Applying for Academic Membership

Students, Faculty and Staff

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Support Document Requirements

Applicants for academic membership must provide documentation in support of their membership. These support document requirements are based on whether the applicant is a university student or kinesiology department faculty and staff.

1-Declaration Requirement

All applicants for Academic Membership (both Student and Faculty/Staff) must complete and upload the BCAK Academic Member Declaration form in the space provided on the application. If the declaration form is not uploaded when your application is submitted for whatever reason, you must send the completed form to the office via email.

2- Proof of Enrollment or Employment


Must provide proof of current enrollment in studies leading to a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree in kinesiology from a post-secondary educational institution in BC that is recognized by the Board. (i.e. must be enrolled in a program from this list).

One of the following must be uploaded directly to your application in the space provided:

  • Proof of enrollment letter
  • Letter of standing from the registrar
  • A screenshot of your student portal that must include:
    • Your name
    • Student number
    • Some indication of where you are in your degree (i.e. enrolled in term 3 of 4)


Must provide proof of employment as a professor, instructor, or member of the faculty of a post- secondary educational institution in Canada that is recognized by the Board, in a faculty or department which offers courses in kinesiology, human kinetics, and related subjects.

One of the following must be uploaded directly to your application in the space provided:

  • A PDF copy of your CV (with links to your contact information on the faculty website)
  • Proof of employment letter from faculty head
  • Scanned copy of your business card (that provides your name and title, the post-secondary institution name, and contact information)

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