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Support Document Requirements

Applicants for academic membership must provide documentation in support of current status as a post-secondary student in a kinesiology Bachelor's, Master's or PhD degree program, or as a member of department faculty or staff and not currently be working as a kinesiologist in professional practice. If you are working in professional practice, apply for Practicing membership.

1-Membership Declaration

Student and Faculty/Staff must sign in pen to complete and submit the BCAK Academic Member Declaration form, confirming you understand the terms under which academic membership is issued.

To submit the form, upload your signed declaration form during the online application process. If you do not submit the form during the process, you can also send the completed form to the office by email.

2- Proof of Post-Secondary Kinesiology Enrollment or Employment


Submit proof of current full-time enrollment student enrollment in a Bachelor’s, Master's or PhD degree program in kinesiology from a post-secondary educational institution in BC that is recognized by the Board.

Documentation must consist of one of the following

  • Proof of enrollment letter
  • Letter of standing from the registrar
  • A screenshot of your student portal that includes:
    • Your legal name
    • Student number
    • Current enrollment status, institution and degree program (major)

Note: Students wanting to apply for Practicing (professional) membership upon graduation are recommended to self-assess their academic courses/program to determine which courses are required/accepted courses for BCAK Practicing membership. See: BC Post-Secondary - Core and Elective Course Tables.


Proof of employment as a professor, instructor, or other member of the faculty/department of a BC post-secondary educational institution, recognized by the BCAK, which offers degrees and/or courses in kinesiology.

Upload one of the following during the online application process:

  • A PDF copy of your CV (with links to your contact information on the faculty website)
  • Proof of employment letter from the department you work in, confirming your position and employment,
  • Other proof that may be provided by the post-secondary institution confirming your employment.

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