Insurance Information - Practicing Membership

This page is provided to assist Practicing members in:

  • making informed decisions on the purchase of professional practice insurance,
  • self-assessing risk exposure regarding activities performed or incorporated into their professional work/business.

Disclaimer: This page does not provide details on policy coverage. Only a licensed insurance broker is allowed to discuss policy coverage, terms and exclusions and the BCAK is not able to respond to these type of inquiries. CKA/BCAK Member Group Plan Insurance purchasers must contact Prolink (the broker) directly for information on or explanations of coverage(s), exclusions, limitations and endorsements related to the group plan policy.

BCAK Insurance Requirements - General Information

Insurance coverage may be held (purchased) through the CKA/BCAK group provider at the time of membership purchase or members can provide proof of insurance held through another insurer licensed to do business in Canada which meets the BCAK's requirements. If you already have insurance coverage for professional liability and commercial general liability through another insurer or directly through your employer (which you are named on) , you may submit proof of coverage in the form of a copy of the policy, which after assessment may be deemed acceptable subject to completion of an Insurance Declaration and Waiver form attesting that the coverage meets the BCAK's requirements and that if you change employers you will immediately obtain other insurance and provide proof to the BCAK, and you can be exempted from purchasing insurance through the CKA/BCAK group provider.

CKA/BCAK Group Insurance (Professional Liability and Commercial General Liability)

The CKA/BCAK group insurance policy makes available coverage levels between $2,000,000 and $5,000,000 for both Professional Liability (PL) and Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance. You can mix and match the coverage levels to meet your professional needs. The minimum coverage limit(s) required by the BCAK for PL and CGL coverage are $2,000,000. If you require coverage levels above what is available here please contact the broker (Prolink) directly or an insurance broker of your choice. Please also refer to: Prolink's BCAK Member Group Insurance Page for additional details.

Amendment "add/change" Fee

If you require a change to your policy coverage during the term of the policy (other than a change of mailing address) you will be subject to a $15 policy amendment fee charged to you by the broker each time you request a change. Please take this into consideration when making your initial purchase or policy renewal selections/decisions. The fee will apply when you make one or more changes, such as increasing coverage limits (applies to E&O and/or CGL), or adding additional insured's. Note: There is no additional charge to add additional insured's at the time of policy purchase, however mid term additions will be subject to the $15 policy amendment fee.

Common Considerations When Determining Appropriate Insurance Coverage Limits and Extensions

ICBC or other Insurance Company Work

ICBC requires Kinesiologists who are employed or working as independent contractors to carry a minimum of $2M in coverage but may require $5M in coverage for corporations or limited companies. You should inquire with ICBC if this situation applies to you. Other insurers may also have their own requirements and these should be confirmed with the payer prior to initiating service delivery.

Clinical Work

If you are, or plan to work onsite in a private or public clinic, you should confirm with the employer the amount of coverage (coverage limit(s)) the employer requires for Professional Liability (PL) and Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance to ensure you purchase the correct level(s) of coverage(s) to meet your practice needs.

Community Work (ICBC or other)

If you are, or plan to work in a community setting (public recreation centre(s) and/or a combination of private clinic and public spaces), you will likely require a minimum of $5M (per loss/per year) coverage limit, for both PL and CGL insurance. Most cities, districts and municipalities require all persons or entities utilizing their facilities or public spaces for business or professional purposes to carry and provide proof of insurance to minimize risk and reduce loss exposure to them, should something negative and unforeseen happens with, or to, a client while receiving your services in or on public facilities/property.

Community Work & Requirements for Adding Additional Insured's to Your CGL Policy

If you work in the community and utilize public spaces or facilities (school/parks/police/community centre(s) referred to here as "facilities") the municipality/city may require you name them as an additional insured on your CGL insurance policy prior to permitting access or use by you and your client(s). Adding additional insured's which are not already included on your policy requires assessment by the insurer to determine risk, so you should ensure this is completed well in advance of your required facility/space access date or insurance renewal. Again, this delay can impact your ability to earn income should you be denied entry to a recreation facility, public park or school property and are unable to work with clients until such time as you provide written proof the municipal entity has been added as an additional insured.

Additional Insureds Automatically Included on your BCAK Member CGL Policy

If you are requested to add additional insured's to your policy, please review the master list(s) of additional insured's to verify your requirements are met. If you require an additional insured(s) which are not included on the above lists, please contact Prolink directly.

Work Outside of Canada or With Persons Residing Outside of Canada

If you travel for work to locations outside of Canada, you will need to ensure the policy coverage you carry is valid in those jurisdictions. The CKA/BCAK group policy provides a temporary extension for work in the USA (with restrictions), however does not extend to other areas of the world. The same applies for work delivered remotely through online means, such as Telehealth or Personal Training. Regardless of whether you physically travel outside of Canada for work or provide services virtually to clients in other parts of the world from with BC or Canada, you should contact your insurance broker to verify your coverage restrictions and seek to obtain coverage which is valid in all jurisdictions in which you carry out business.

Insurance Application/Renewal & Risk Management Assessment

Kinesiologists should complete an annual risk assessment of their working environment, including any enhancements/changes planned or anticipated for the calendar year. This helps provide a better understanding of what insurance coverage(s), extension(s) and coverage limit(s) are most appropriate or required for your specific working situation.

Below are some key items you will need to know when buying insurance for the first time or renewing your insurance with the CKA/BCAK Group Member Program.

A) Determining PL and CGL Coverage Limits

  1. Review the contractual agreements you have with the organizations/businesses/cities or municipalities you do business with or in. Does one or more agreement specify coverage levels and the types of insurance you require? You will want to ensure you are meeting the specified requirements in any contracts, as there is often a requirement to maintain limits of $5M for PL and $5M for CGL coverage. This is particularly true if you work in public (city/municipal) or private gym facilities as a contractor or sub-contractor.
  2. Consider your client/customer base. Do you work with clients who have high incomes, such as celebrities, doctors, lawyers or other professionals? Claims by clients who are high income earners can be substantially higher than the average person and may exceed the loss limit for coverage on many policies.
  3. Review the services you provide. Do you provide rehabilitation therapy, or other modalities? Providing rehabilitation therapy or other treatments such as Shockwave therapy (ESWT), Low Intensity Laser Therapy (LILT), Therapeutic Ultrasound, Interferential current therapy(IFC), yoga or therapeutic yoga (this list is not exhaustive) can have a higher risk exposure to client injury and lawsuits, which may require additional premium to cover the risk.  Members should always consider purchasing $5M of PL and CGL coverage when providing higher risk professional services and ensure they have extended reporting period coverage when they eventually retire or change careers.
  4. Work outside of Canada (United States). Do you provide services to persons who are resident outside of Canada, either in person or by e-commerce? If you do, you will need to estimate what percentage of revenue will come from US based clientele. If you generate US based revenue be sure to contact the insurance broker to discuss your circumstances, as there are typically limits on how much US exposure Canadian based insurers will cover. If you have foreign revenue which is not US based, you will need to contact the broker to determine if the policy coverage meets your needs.

B) Annual Gross Revenue/Income

Insurance application/renewal forms require you to provide an estimate of your annual gross business revenue/income from kinesiology services as a means of determining the volume of work you perform and the associated risk of a claim. This is a standard practice in the insurance industry. If this is your first year purchasing insurance and you new to the industry, the gross revenue/income will typically be somewhere between $40,000 and $80,000 per year, however members who run their own business and/or have employees or use contractors/sub-contractors will typically have higher gross revenues and this may be relevant to your insurance rate/premium if these amounts are substantial and/or you insure your company business operations under along with your personal PL and CGL coverage on the same policy.  A low estimate should not impact your premium or eligibility for the liability insurance and/or claims coverage unless it is an intentional attempt to defraud the insurer of the appropriate risk premium. If you become aware during the policy term that your income will greatly exceed what you initially indicated to the broker/insurer, you must contact them to provide updated information at your earliest opportunity.

C) Business Contents

Do you own business equipment, machinery or tools which you use for work (including at any space/facility you lease or sub-lease from another person or organization) which you want to insure and are not insured elsewhere? If you do, you will need to know the replacement value ("current new value including taxes", not what you paid) for the contents and equipment before starting the online insurance application for the group insurance.  You do not need to know the exact replacement value of all the contents and equipment that you own, but you should estimate the value to within 10% of what the actual replacement cost will be.

D) Covering Staff and other Service Providers (who are not kinesiologists or licensed healthcare practitioners) under business insurance

Do you provide professional kinesiology services through an incorporated entity and want to insure staff or service providers under the Group Coverage?

  1. If the answer is yes and you have an incorporated business, are insured under the group policy with Trisura, you can insure staff or service providers provided you list the gross revenue for the incorporated business and not simply your personal income draw from the business. Be sure to include the name of the incorporated entity on the policy to properly cover employees who are under your direction and control. Limitation: Trisura will not cover independent contractors or any employees who are NOT under your direction and control (i.e., running their own fitness class, providing personal training or any form of therapy without your direct supervision and control)*.
  2. If the answer is No and you operate under any other business model, then coverage is not available through Trisura under the group program and employees or independent contractors cannot be covered.

Additional Details

  • Alternatively, Prolink can cover the employees on a separate policy outside of the CKA/BCAK Group program premium. The cost to insure other employees will depend upon the overall revenues earned from the other services providers.
  • Any “service providers” who are independent contractors must purchase and carry their own E&O coverage for the services they provide.

Additional Resources

Resources to assist you in assessing your risk exposure can be found online through a variety of sources, two have been provided below to get you started;

  1. The Insurance Bureau of Canada on their website: Professional Liability - Risk Management.
  2. Steps in the Process of Risk Management in Healthcare - Journal of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine (Open Access Review Article). The principles and techniques explained here can be adapted to any type or size of healthcare operation.

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