Insurance Purchase Information for Practicing Members

Details on Insurance for Practicing Members

Insurance Rates and Coverage Limits

*This page does not provide information on specifics of policy coverage. Please contact PROLINK for information on coverages, exclusions, limitations and endorsements.*

Be sure to take the time to assess and understand what insurance coverage(s) are required for you to work and be employed.

Clinic Work

If you are going to work onsite in a private or public clinic, you should ask the employer what level of medical malpractice (Errors and Omissions) Insurance they require (if any) to ensure you purchase the correct level of coverage. You should also consider purchasing "slip and fall" Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance to provide additional protection in the event the employer does not carry sufficient coverage.

Community Work

If you are or plan to work in a community (public recreation centres and/or a combination of private clinic and public spaces) setting, you will likely require $5 million (per loss) coverage limit and matching Commercial General liability insurance. It is now a standard risk management policy for most cities, districts and municipalities to require all persons or entities utilizing their facilities or public spaces for business or professional purposes to carry high levels of insurance to reduce to the local government's exposure to loss, should something negative and unforeseen happens with, or to, a client while receiving services in or on public facilities/property.

Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance & Additional Insured's

If you work in the community, the various cities, districts, municipalities and facilities in which you work, will likely require that you name them as an additional insured on your commercial general liability insurance policy. Adding additional insured's onto a CGL policy at any time after the initial coverage is purchased will result in a delay (it can be 2 weeks or more) and this delay can and will likely impact your ability to earn income if you are denied entry to a facility and cannot see clients until you provide proof they governing body is shown as an additional insured. It is recommended and advantageous for you "the kinesiologist" to pre-select all the potential additional insured's in the area/community where you live and work to limit the chance that you will need to add additional insured's at some point in the future. There is no additional charge to add additional insured's at the time of policy purchase.

Policy Administration Fee

There is no applicable policy administration fee in 2019. Beginning in 2020, there will be a $5 policy administration fee applied to all purchases of insurance (combined of all E&O and CGL coverages).

Additional "change" Fee

If you require a change to your policy coverage during the term of the policy (other than a change of mailing address) there will be an additional $15 policy amendment fee charged to you by the broker each time you request a change. Please take this into consideration when making your initial purchase or policy renewal selections/decisions. The fee will apply when you make one or more changes, such as increasing coverage limits (applies to E&O and/or CGL), adding additional insured's, purchasing CGL insurance mid year, where you did not previously carry coverage.

Please follow this link for a listing of the Current Member Insurance Premiums for Professional Liability (PL) and Commercial General Liability (CGL) available through the group insurance provider.

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