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Curtis Wood

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Active Health and Fitness, General Nutritional Counselling, Injury Rehabilitation/Exercise Therapy

Born and raised in Victoria, I've always been involved in the world of health and wellness. I'm an athlete at heart and enjoy any competitive activity, but currently spend time playing disc golf, volleyball, hiking, and surfing when I get the chance. You can often find me in nature when I have free time, as I feel most at home by the ocean or in the woods. I'm also a music lover who enjoys collecting vinyl and attending live concerts. I'm passionate about health, and a life-long learner in the subjects of exercise, nutrition, mindset, and resilience. I believe the habits we integrate in ones life has a significant impact on our function and longevity, and my mission is to simplify those concepts to improve the lives of those in my community.

Backfit Clinic

3481 Cook St., Victoria, BC, V8X 1B3, Canada

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