Jacqueline Witkin

Jacquie Witkin

Practice Area
Active Health and Fitness, Chronic Pain, Injury Rehabilitation/Exercise Therapy

Jacquie is a Registered Kinesiologist who views health and wellness through a biopsychosocial, holistic lens. She has a thorough understanding of personalized exercise prescription, cardiovascular health, injury rehabilitation, and ergonomic interventions. Currently, she is specializing in occupational rehabilitation for complex long and short-term disability cases.

Jacquie has a degree in kinesiology from Western University where she developed a strong interest in rehabilitative strength, functional exercise, preventative medicine, as well as physical activity for special populations. Jacquie knows that health and wellness are not just concepts that exist within the walls of a gym or doctor's office. Creative, individually tailored, coach-led, and evidence-based work with Jacquie will help you create habits and develop the knowledge you need to lead the active, healthy, and productive lifestyle you aspire to have.

Back in Motion

1975 McCallum Rd. #107, Abbotsford, BC, V2S 3N3, Canada

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