Mike Allegretto

Mike Allegretto

Ergonomic Consultant | Advisor MSIP Programs, Occupational Health, Wellness and Safety, Island Health

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Disability/Case Management, Ergonomics/Human Factors, Injury Rehabilitation/Exercise Therapy

Mike Allegretto is a Kinesiologist and Ergonomic Consultant specializing in injury prevention and occupational health and safety. Mike leverages over 25 years’ experience in industrial ergonomics, occupational rehabilitation, employer-based injury prevention services, and return-to-work support services. In addition, Mike has 8 years experience as a Regional Manager for the CBI Health Group in a dedicated service division focused on developing and delivering work disability prevention services directly to employers; and 20 years facility and program management experience running multi-disciplinary injury rehabilitation and complex care programs.

• Ergonomic Consultation and Reporting - office and industrial
• Ergonomic Hazard and Risk Assessment
• Ergonomic Building Standards and Design
• Job Demand Analysis
• Post Offer Employment Screening
• Job Coaching
• Workplace Injury Prevention Training and Education
• Disability Management
• Workplace Health, Wellness and Safety

Mike holds a B.Sc. in Kinesiology and a Post Graduate Certificate in Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety. Mike is a practicing member of British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists.

Island Health

1487 Regent Close, Duncan, BC, V0R 1L3, Canada

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