Applying for Practicing Membership - Canadian Applicants (Delayed)

Canadian Education (Degree) - Applying more than 2 after program completion/graduation

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A four-year Bachelor degree majoring in kinesiology OR an equivalent discipline (equivalency is determined during course review), including

  • satisfactory completion of the seven (7) specified core courses (minimum grade requirement = C- (>60%) in each course):
    • Human Anatomy,
    • Human Physiology,
    • Human Motor Control & Learning,
    • Biomechanics of Human Movement.
    • Exercise Physiology
    • Exercise Prescription
    • Research Methods,

These Core courses must contain specific course content. The majority of BC Universities and Colleges have defined core courses in these subjects.


  • satisfactory completion of sixteen (16) additional elective courses, covering five (5) course categories specific to the practice of kinesiology (elective course grade requirements = A maximum of 2 D (<60%) grades will be accepted towards the 16 elective course total):
    • Knowledge of Special Populations and Disease Processes
    • Knowledge of Assessment and Interventions
    • Knowledge of Professionalism and Ethics
    • Knowledge of Foundational Sciences
    • Knowledge of Physiologic Processes and General Health
      NOTE 1: Do not contact the office to determine whether you meet the elective requirements prior to applying. This determination is made by the membership committee during course review (the final step of the application process)
      NOTE 2: Applicants with three or more D grades may have difficulty meeting this requirement.

Definitions of the elective categories subtopics can be found here.


Applicants for Practicing membership must provide documentation in support of their membership. These support document requirements are based on whether the applicant graduated from a kinesiology program in Canada and how long ago they graduated.

1-Proof of Degree Completion

Consisting of:

  • A legible quality image of your Degree certificate submitted in the proper orientation showing all signatures and seals
  • A proof of graduation or pending graduation letter which includes:
    • Your name
    • Your student number
    • The program you are enrolled in
    • Whether you have applied to graduate yet
    • When the earliest conferral date will be.
    • A list of courses in progress that impact eligibility to graduate

NOTE: Any courses in progress must show as completed on any official transcripts the BCAK office receives, otherwise you will need to order new transcripts once the final grades for the courses in progress are available

2 - Proof of Program Completion

Consisting of:

  • *Official transcripts for all relevant courses sent directly from the institution via:
    • mail to:
      BC Association of Kinesiologists
      #301 – 220 Brew Street, Port Moody, BC V3H 0H6,
    • email to:, (Including documents sent through proprietary secure document sharing systems)
    • faxed to: (604) 229-8178

NOTE 1: Applicants may mail original sealed copies of their official transcript. Unsealed transcripts sent from applicants or transcripts submitted any other way will not be considered official by the BCAK.

NOTE 2: For applicants who have completed multiple degrees or attended courses at multiple schools, you will be required to submit official transcripts from each institution where relevant coursework was completed.

3-Proof of Course Content

Consisting of:

  • Official Course Outlines, or
  • PDF course descriptions obtained through your educational institutions website
  • Course descriptions prepared by the applicant*

NOTE 1: Official outlines and institutional descriptions are given more weight than applicant written descriptions.
NOTE 2: Course outlines need only be submitted for the 7 core and 16 elective courses.
NOTE 3: Course descriptions are typically not required for new BC graduates. However, if a seminar/special topics course or a semester abroad was completed, then this should be submitted along with your application.

4-Proof of Good Moral Character

Consisting of:

  • A Criminal Record Check clearance letter obtained through the BC Criminal Record Review Program (CRRP)
    • Online through the ministry website
    • Manually through the BCAK (if the online process does not work for whatever reason)

Details on the process can be found here.

5-Letter of Intent and Declaration of Practice Area

(Applies only to applicants who graduated greater than 5 years ago)

Consisting of:

  • A letter of intent detailing;
    • The reasons for seeking membership with BCAK and why it is important to them.
    • Evidence of relevant work and/or volunteer experience related to the field of kinesiology.
    • The area(s) (see: Areas of Practice) which you intend to practice, which may include explaining subjectively how you meet the scope of practice, including coursework and experience.
  • A maximum of two professional reference letters from persons known by the applicant for more than 1 year, who can attest to the applicant's professional acumen, clinical knowledge and interpersonal skills.

6-Proof of Continuing Education since Graduation

Continuing Education support documents are required for applicants who graduated more than 2 years prior to their application date. The requirements are dependent on the number of years since graduation and explained below. If a Masters' or PhD in Kinesiology has been completed in addition to the undergraduate kinesiology degree, the date of the most recent kinesiology specific degree applies for continuing education requirements. Applicants needing to provide proof of continuing can submit at the time of application or will be informed of the requirements upon completion of the review and meeting all other requirements if no details have been provided.

Consisting of:

Course receipts or certificates of achievement issued by the course/education providers which confirm the date the coursework was completed and the number of contact hours.

The requirements are:

  • >2 but <5 years since graduation - 20 credits per year minus the year of and the year after graduation
    • Example: Degree completion in spring of 2017, application in spring of 2021:
      2017 - 0 credits required
      2018 - 0 credits required
      2019 - 20 credits required
      2020 - 20 credits required
      TOTAL required = 40 credits (hours) required, since 2017
  • >5 but <10 years since graduation - 100 Credits completed in the last 5 years for any applicant who graduated over 5, but under 10 years ago.
    • Example: Degree completion in 2015, applied in 2021:
      Total required = 100 credits completed since 2016
  • >10 but <15 years since graduation - 100 Credits completed in the last 5 years AND a 60% grade on the Composite Exam for any applicant who graduated over 10, but under 15 years ago.
    • Example: Graduated in 2008, applied in 2021:
      Total required = 100 credits
  • 15 years or greater since graduation and employed full time in the profession for the previous 5 years - Special Application Process Required
  • 15 years or greater since graduation, not employed or marginally employed in the profession for the previous 5 years - INELIGIBLE FOR MEMBERSHIP
    Contact the office for information additional information on eligibility or on how to proceed.


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