How to Complete a Criminal Record Check

Applies to Practicing and Non-Practicing members

To complete a CRC, follow the step(s) indicated below.

Note: The BCAK does not reimburse applicants/members for obtaining a criminal record check (CRC) through an unacceptable provider/agency.

Online Process (Attempt this method first)
  1. Copy the BCAK's access code - 7VT9H59Y3V - It will be required to begin the application process on the BC Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General CRC application page, and will ensure the CRC clearance letter is sent to the BCAK. Without this number, the government will not know where to send your CRC clearance letter.
  2. Next, follow the link below to the BC Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General Criminal Record Check website to begin the process.
  3. Paste/enter the code in the space indicated (see image below), to initiate the Electronic Identity Verification or "EIV" process. Follow and complete the remaining on-screen instructions.


  • Online applications for the CRC will be declined if EIV cannot be completed.
  • Applications can be declined for a number of reasons, including errors in the data required or multiple failed attempts to enter your information. If you are declined for online processing, you are required to complete the manual process below.
Manual Process (Use this method only if you are declined during the online process)
  1. Email the BCAK office, with the subject line: Manual CRC submission. Include a scanned image of your government issued photo ID, such as a BC driver's license or provincial ID card for verification purposes.
  2. A BCAK administrator will provide you with a fillable form. This form must be signed in pen by you. Do not use an electronic (or digital) signature to sign this form, as the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General will reject it.
  3. After entering all the required personal information, email a clear and legible scanned copy of the document (including both pages of the form as a single PDF document) to the BCAK office. Please refer to the submission guidelines in the FAQ when sending documents to the office by email or postal mail.
  4. BCAK will send the CRC request on your behalf to the CRRP upon receipt. The CRRP staff may require up to 30 days for manual processing depending on the volume of requests they are currently processing.
  5. Payment of the Fee Invoice - THE CRRP WILL SEND AN INVOICE FOR THE $28 PROCESSING FEE TO THE EMAIL ADDRESS YOU PROVIDED ON THE FORM. You are responsible for payment of this fee, and the invoice must be paid prior to their initiation of the actual review process (which takes up to 30 days). BCAK recommends you pay the fee as soon as you receive the invoice notification and remember to check your junk email folder regularly in the event it is treated as junk mail.

Note: the results of your completed CRC will be sent directly to the BCAK office once the review has been completed by the Ministry. Do not contact the office for an update if the processing fee has not been paid. Instead, contact the CRRP for information on your processing times.

Background Information - FAQs

Please review the FAQs for full details on the process and requirements.

Who must have a Criminal Record Check (CRC)?

Practicing and Non-Practicing members of the BCAK must have a Criminal Record Check (CRC) under the Criminal Records Review Act (CRRA) as members of the professional association. It must be done upon initial application and every five years thereafter. The CRC assesses the presence (absence) of criminal convictions and the risks and potential impact related to working with vulnerable adults and children. Under the Province of BC's Criminal Records Review Act, any health practitioner who is required to have a review, who does not have a valid CRC and works with a vulnerable member of the public is subject to severe consequences under the act.

Where/How do I complete a CRC that meets BCAK requirements?

The CRC must be completed through the BC Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General's Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP) website. If you do not qualify for the Electronic Identity Verification (EIV) process, you will be required to submit a manual request.

How much does it cost?

Applicants/Members are responsible for payment of the required fee(s) to complete the CRC process. The basic assessment fee for a 'Name based criminal record check' is currently $28.00. Occasionally (on rare occasions) individuals will be required to complete a 'Certified criminal record check', necessitating a fingerprint review. There is an additional fee of approximately $100 for this type of check. If this type of check is required, you will receive notification from the Ministry by letter mail explaining the process. For additional information on when/why the Certified criminal records check may be required, please refer to this RCMP information page for details.

How is my personal identity verified?

In the electronic 'eCRC' system an applicant’s identity is verified using their BC Services Card computer or BC Services Card Mobile Device App. If you are using the BC Services Card or the App to access this online service for the first time, you will be directed to activate your card/app by video, telephone or in person through Service BC. If you do not meet the BC Services Card/App eligibility requirements, you will need to complete a manual criminal record check.

When should I complete the CRC?

Your CRC should be completed 30 to 45 days before it is required or the expiring date of a previous CRC. This time is required for processing and return of the clearance letter to the BCAK.

Are there organizations offering CRCs the BCAK does not accept?

Yes, because the BCAK is recognized as an oversight body for kinesiologists in BC, a CRC must be completed through the CRRP as indicated previously. The BCAK is not permitted to accept criminal record checks completed through other entities, including the following organizations, as they lack the review and reporting requirements required under the Criminal Records Review Act. This is a list of some of the CRC providers which the BCAK cannot accept.

  • Local police or RCMP detachment (direct request)
  • MyCRC
  • Commissionaires
What if I have a current (valid) CRC clearance letter through the CRRP completed for another Employer or Business?

If you have completed a CRC through the CRRP, covering both vulnerable adults and children within the past 5 years, you can request the results be shared with the BCAK. Complete this request by initiating a SHARING REQUEST" through the CRRP website at no cost to you. You may wish to read through the user guide for more information on how and when this process applies.

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