How to Obtain a Criminal Record Review

Steps To Complete a Criminal Record Review (Criminal Record Check)

Completing The Criminal Records Review (online)

Please read this page carefully as obtaining a criminal record review is required for membership and can be the rate limiting step in obtaining Practicing membership with the BCAK for some applicants.

You have two options to complete the process, either online or by manual submission.

To complete the Online "eCRC" process;

  1. Copy this code: 7VT9H59Y3V
    (You will paste it into the space provided on the CRRP website when requested)
  2. Next, follow this link to the Criminal Records Check website of the BC Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General to see if you qualify for online submission. This process can be completed at any time, however membership approval/renewal may be delayed if the review document is not received by the office in a timely manner.
  3. Paste the code in the space provided (see image below).
CRRP Page.png

4. Follow the on screen instructions.

If the online request for a Criminal record review fails:

The online request will fail for a number of reasons such as:

  1. Previous clearance letter has expired (these letter expire after 5 years)
  2. Previous criminal record check was completed through local police (The CRRP cannot share these criminal record checks, nor do we accept them).
  3. Previous clearance letter did not cover BOTH CHILDREN AND VULNERABLE ADULTS (You must be cleared to work with both groups in order to obtain membership)
  4. Electronic Identity Verification could not be completed (due to insufficient credit history, address history or too many failed attempts)

You can still complete this process manually.

To complete the Manual eCRC process by email.

  1. Contact the BCAK office with the subject line Manual eCRC submission. Please include a scanned image of government issued photo ID, such as BC driver's license or provincial ID card for verification purposes.
  2. A BCAK administrator will provide you with a fillable form. DO NOT use an electronic signature to sign this form as the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General will not accept it for CRRP eCRC purposes.
  3. After properly completing this form, please email a scanned copy including both pages of the form as a single PDF document to the office. Be sure to refer to the submission guidelines in the FAQ when sending documents to the office.
  4. This will be sent on your behalf to the CRRP by the BCAK office. This may require up to 30 days for government processing.
  5. THE CRRP WILL SEND AN INVOICE FOR THE $28 PROCESSING FEE TO THE EMAIL YOU PROVIDED ON THE FORM. You are responsible for paying and this fee must be paid in order for the CRRP to begin processing your request.

Additional information

Practicing and Non-Practicing members and applicants for membership must submit a criminal record review (often referred to as a criminal record check or "CRC") to verify the absence of certain types of criminal convictions related to working with vulnerable adults or children (populations). The review must be completed through the BC Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General's Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP) website.

Fees: Applicants/Members are responsible for payment of any fees required to complete the eCRC process. If you do not qualify for the Electronic Identity Verification (EIV) you will be required to submit a manual request by mail, email or fax. The basic assessment fee is currently $28.00 and occasionally an additional fee may be required to conduct an enhanced fingerprint review. Should this apply, you will receive notification from the Ministry by letter mail)

What the BCAK will NOT accept: Criminal records checks completed by the following organizations will not be accepted as they are not valid under the Criminal Records Review Act for working with at risk populations.;

  • local police or RCMP
  • MyCRC
  • Commissionaires

The BCAK WILL NOT reimburse you for obtaining a criminal record check that we do not accept.

Past Review: If you have completed a criminal records review covering both vulnerable adults and children through the CRRP in the past 5 years for an employer or for volunteer work, you can share the results from the previous review or "eCRC" by initiating a "sharing request" through the CRRP website. You can also read through the user guide for more information on how to complete this process.

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