Continuing Education Standards Program (CESP)

CESP Requirements for Practicing (Professional) Members

BCAK recognizes and supports the philosophy of lifelong learning and has incorporated this into its Continuing Education Standards Program (CESP) requirements.

Professional members of the BCAK must demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning as being fundamental to professional practice and social responsibility as a health professional. The purposes are to maintain (1) professional competency related to client care & best practices, (2) public trust of clients in receiving care/services from kinesiologists.

To renew membership each subsequent year or to return following membership lapse, Practicing members must complete and demonstrate a minimum of 20 continuing education credits per membership (calendar) year, in accordance with the Continuing Education Standards Program Credit Table.pdf

Terms and Conditions

  • Previous Course Work - Courses or professional development learning completed prior to becoming a Practicing Member are not eligible for submission at the end of your first year or other years.
  • Course Pre-Approval - Courses pre-approval by the BCAK is not required, however credit allocations will be based on the BCAK's CESP Credit Categories Table in effect for the applicable year. Courses completed must fall within the scope of practice of kinesiology or be directly related to business skill acquisition for the purpose of kinesiology business operations or management.

Exception to Requirements

New members who, at the end of their first membership year, are permitted a pro-rated credit requirement based on the start date of their membership.

Pro-rated CESP requirements for New Members are as follows:

  • Start Date in Quarter 1 (Jan – Mar) – 15 credits
  • Start Date in Quarter 2 (Apr – Jun) – 10 credits
  • Start Date in Quarter 3 (Jul – Sep) – 5 credits
  • Start Date in Quarter 4 (Oct – Nov 15) – 0 credits required (New members after November 15th receive a 12+ month membership and when this first membership term expires, 20 credits are required to renew)

Leave of Absence - Members approved for medical(disability)/maternity/paternity leave who are not working can request to have credit requirements waived for a maximum one year period. If you are planning to take parental leave and will not be working at any time while on leave you can notify the BCAK office within 30 days of starting your leave and qualify for this exemption. If your leave of absence is less than 1 year, the waiver is prorated based on the months of leave completed, Credit waives can be applied over 2 successive membership (calendar) years, starting with the year in which the leave begins if this occurs. Written Notification must be received by the BCAK office within 30 days of beginning your leave of absence if you wish to take advantage of this policy and be granted the credit exemption.

How to Enter Your CESP Credits

Enter and record your completed CESP credits through your BCAK online account.

Follow These Steps to Add Credits

  1. Login to your BCAK "My Account"
  2. Select 'CE Credits' from the menu (in the Member section)
  3. Select 'Add Credits'
  4. Select the credit 'Category' from the drop down menu
  5. Select the 'Activity' from the second drop down menu
  6. Enter the 'Completion Date' for the course or event
  7. Enter a brief note or 'Description' of the event (if appropriate)
  8. Read and confirm "check the box" verifying your CE credit entry complies with the CESP policies, is true and accurate
  9. Click the "Submit" button.

(Repeat these steps for additional entries)

Your CE credit information will remain in your account history for the duration of your membership and an additional period in accordance with the BCAK's Privacy Policy.

Common FAQs

When Should I Record My CESP Credits?

It is recommended credits/courses be recorded through your online account shortly after completion to ensure details are entered correctly. Friendly Reminder: The minimum required credits must be recorded in your account prior to renewing your membership or the system will block your membership renewal and you will not be able to proceed.

How Does the BCAK Track Member Compliance?

Compliance with the CESP is a requirement of the society's bylaws. Members who do not comply with the requirement may be declined renewal of their membership. The submission of continuing education information through your account is based on the honour system, fraudulent entries are in breach of the BCAK's Code of Ethics/Conduct and may be grounds for removal from the society. The BCAK will randomly audit Practicing members to assess and confirm compliance with the program and when/if fraudulent entries are reported to the BCAK or otherwise suspected. In the event of an audit, members will be required to provide sufficient proof the activities reported were in fact completed or performed.

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