Continuing Education Standards Program (CESP)

CESP Requirements for Practicing (Professional) Members

BCAK supports the philosophy of lifelong learning and has incorporated this into its Continuing Education Standards Program (CESP) requirements.

The purpose is to continuously improve and enhance individual knowledge, skills and competencies in professional (employment), personal, civic, social and cultural environments.

To renew your membership for the subsequent year, Practicing members must complete a minimum of 20 continuing education credits per membership year, in accordance with those items listed on Continuing Education Standards Program Credit Table.pdf


  • Members on medical/maternity/paternity leave can have credits waived for a maximum of one year. If you are taking parental leave and will not be working at any time while on leave you are exempt from the CESP requirements for a maximum period of 1 year during leave, starting at the same time your leave begins at work. Please notify the office by email when starting parental leave, if you wish to be exempt during that period.
  • Courses or professional development that you take before becoming a Practicing Member are not eligible for inclusion in the CESP requirements.
  • Courses do not need to be pre-approved, however credit allocations will be based on the BCAK's CESP Credit Categories Table.

Exception to Requirements

The exception to the annual CESP requirements is for new members who, at the end of their first membership year, have a pro-rated requirement depending on the start date of membership.

Pro-rated CESP requirements are as follows:

  • New membership starts in Quarter 1 (Jan – Mar) – 15 credits required
  • New membership starts in Quarter 2 (Apr – Jun) – 10 credits required
  • New membership starts in Quarter 3 (Jul – Sep) – 5 credits required
  • New membership starts in Quarter 4 (Oct – Nov) – 0 credits required

How to Submit Your Continuing Education Standards Program Credits?

You track and record your course credits through your online (BCAK) account.

Steps to take to Add Credits:

  1. Login to your MyBCAK account
  2. Select 'CE Credits' from the menu (in the Member section)
  3. Select 'Add Credits'
  4. Select the appropriate 'Category' from the drop down menu
  5. Select the 'Activity' from the drop down menu
  6. Enter the 'Completion Date'
  7. Enter a brief note or 'Description' of the event
  8. Read and click on the box that requires you to affirm that your CE credit complies with the CESP
  9. Click on the submit button.

Your CE credit and details will remain in your account history for the duration of your membership.

When do you need to complete the recording of your CESP Credits?

Continuing education credits/courses can be recorded through the online member portal at any time throughout the year.

Important: The minimum required credits must be recorded in your online account when you go to renew or the system will not allow your membership renewal to proceed.

How Does the BCAK Track Compliance?

Compliance with the CESP is a requirement of the society's bylaws. Members who do not comply with the requirement may be declined renewal of their membership.

The submission of continuing education information through your account is based on the honour system, fraudulent entries are in breach of the BCAK's Code of Ethics and may be grounds for removal from the society.

The BCAK may, at its discretion audit Practicing members to assess and confirm compliance with the program or of specific members should fraudulent entries become known, suspected or reported. In the event of an audit, members will be required to provide sufficient proof the activities reported were in fact completed or performed.

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